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5 Tips To Keep Your Walk-In Tub As Good As New

Walk-in tubs are designed to provide you with enjoyment, relaxation and ease of knowing you can safely take a bath. Investing in a walk-in tub will not only benefit you but could also add value to your home. If you are planning on investing in one of Safe Step Tubs Walk-In Tubs, it’s important you take care of it. Here are 5 tips to keep your walk-in tub as good as new. 


  1. Regularly Clean The Tub
    After each use, it’s recommended that you rinse all surfaces with warm water. This will prevent any build-up of dirt and oils on the tub’s surface.
  2. Deep Clean The Tub
    Just like you deep clean a shower, it’s very important to do the same with your walk-in tub. You should do this on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Deep cleaning your tub means getting into the door bulb seal fittings along with internal water-carrying pipes. Use a mild solution of acrylic-friendly cleaner when washing the tub’s surface. If you notice that body oils, bath oils, or soap residue begin to build upon the surface, simply use automatic dishwashing soap and a cup of bleach. To clean the tub fill it with warm water just above the highest whirlpool jet. Mix together a cup of bleach and a spoonful of dishwashing soap in the water. Turn on the jet system and let it run for 15 minutes, drain the water, then refill the tub with only warm water to rinse out the tub and system.
  3. Avoid Oils Or Oil-Based Bath Additives
    When taking a bath or shower, it’s best to avoid using bath oils as it can build up as residue on the surface and clog the drainage system. Using oils will also make the tub slippery which can result in an injury. The only type of oils that are recommended are essential oils. You can also add these to the aromatherapy compartment.
  4. Tools To Avoid When Cleaning The Tub 
    When cleaning your walk-in tub, do not use wire brushes, steel wool, metal, or any other abrasives. Why? Using these tools can scratch the surface of your tub. It’s recommended that you use a microfiber cleaning cloth for both wiping and drying the surface.
  5. Cleaning Products To Use
    When cleaning your walk-in tub it’s important that you use a gentle mild solution of acrylic-friendly cleaners. Doing so will prevent your tub from being scratched or damaged. A few products that we recommend you use are:
    • CLR – Multi Purpose Daily Bath Cleaner 
    • Bio Clean – Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover 
    • Scrubbing Bubbles – Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol 
    • Mr. Clean – Disinfecting Bath Cleaner 
    • Warm water and vinegar 


Safe Step Tubs walk-in tubs and showers were designed with you in mind. Choosing to invest in a brighter, stronger and healthier future for yourself is a rewarding feeling. With these tips in mind, you will be able to prolong the longevity of your walk-in tub and ensure it works just like new, every time. Don’t have a walk-in tub yet? Visit our website to book a free consultation!