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Walk in Tub

Technology and Seniors: Why Computers and Social Media Are Your Friend

Do you shy away from computers? Are the keys on the keyboard too small; the letters on the screen impossible to see; the internet too confusing? Are you afraid that you’ll just mess everything up so you decide to stay away? Or, maybe you are okay with the computer, but the popularity of endless social…

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Healing Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs

Water filling up a Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Healing Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs Since ancient times, warm water has been used to improve healing and treat a wide variety of diseases. Today, modern science is proving the amazing healing abilities of warm baths. And what better way to soak than in a safe secure walk-in tub in your own home? Arthritis Relief Millions…

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Three Technologies to Make A Caregiver’s Life Easier

Caretaker with an elderly senior patient looking at an ipad

Three Technologies to Make A Caregiver’s Life Easier Every day, thousands of Canadians spends their days in the role of caregiver. Many Canadians are non-professional caregivers, usually family members who are looking after a loved on. While the experience can be wonderful and rewarding, it’s not without difficulties. The nature of caregiving is emotionally and…

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