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Barbara Turner

Ninety five-year old Barbara Turner is the new recipient of a brand new walk-in bathtub donated by Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tubs through its Safe Step Cares Program. T Safe Step Cares is an initiative that aims to help individuals and families who for various physical or medical reasons cannot get in a regular bathtub. The program began in the year 2013 and to date has donated numerous bathtubs across Canada and USA. Barbara is unable to remain independent in her home without a walk-in tub and unfortunately due to a recent financial setback, she doesn’t have the resources to purchase one.

Barbara moved from Vancouver Island to Chilliwack and now resides in a mobile home park. A walk- in bathtub will greatly improve her quality of life, allowing her to be independent and safe at home. Born in 1920, Barbara is an example of determination and hard work. She lived in England until after the war when she decided, with her husband, to return to Canada and settle in Saskatchewan. After her marriage broke up, she worked very hard to raise her three daughters and she fondly remembers the time at home with her nine grandchildren. Currently, Barbara has a sharp mind and enjoys working in her garden. For additional information on the Safe Step Cares program in Canada and its recipients, please contact Hernan Urtubey at or 1-855.664-4364 x 279

About Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tubs:

Safe-Step Walk In Tub Company is committed to empowering North America’s  senior citizens, as well as those individually suffering from the effects of disability and mobility impairment. The company offers domestically produced walk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers tailored to people who seek a therapeutic and high quality bathing experience.

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