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Importance of workout for Seniors

Why Seniors should exercise?

Daily exercise is the key to a physically healthy life.

Slowing down comes with age. As we get older, we tend to lose flexibility and mobility, our reaction times tend to slow down, and our endurance begins to wane.  Although this stage of life tends to hit seniors at different ages, it does affect everyone. However, the aging process doesn’t have to slow us down faster than it ought. Seniors can stay healthier, happier, and stronger longer just by incorporating of a healthy diet, regular exercise and social interaction into their daily routine.

According to the National Institute on Aging, as few as one-in-four people between the ages of 65-74 exercise regularly. And health organizations around the world agree that leading a sedentary lifestyle one of the ten leading causes of disability and death among adults.

How often should you exercise?

The benefits of physical exercise for the elderly are numerous. Daily physical activity has been shown to prevent disease, improve mental health and cognitive function, decrease the risk of dangerous falls, and lower the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Daily exercise can help reduce the severity or symptoms when seniors do become injured or ill and can speed up the recovery process afterward. It has been shown to improve bone density (which can be a real concern for many seniors as they get older) and can improve overall mobility. A good motto to remember is, “The more you move now, the longer you’ll move later.”

This does not mean that seniors need to train to run a marathon or set a goal to become the oldest kickboxer. But it does mean taking intentional steps to staying physically active throughout the day.


8 simple, low-impact exercises or activities seniors can do to stay moving:

  1. Swimming
  2. Dance Classes
  3. Yoga
  4. Daily Walking
  5. Golf
  6. Bocce Ball
  7. Shuffleboard
  8. Daily exercises using a chair for support or balance

Look for Silver Sneakers Programs, Active Aging Canada groups in your community, or Senior Centers with exercise programs in your area. These groups exist and they are usually easy to locate. Not only do these types of groups help you remain physically strong and offer you the motivation to keep exercising, but they’ll offer you a great outlet for social interaction. Regular, quality social interaction is one important way to improve mental and emotional health.


5 ways to improve mental and emotional health:

  1. Doing puzzles, crosswords, or word searches
  2. Pursuing new hobbies
  3. Reading daily
  4. Eating a balanced diet with lean proteins that include fish, beans and peas; whole grains; and, low-fat dairy
  5. Get plenty of sleep

Taking time to take care of yourself is one of the most important ways that seniors can live happier, healthier, longer lives. Healthy living promotes independence, confidence and the freedom to pursue more of what life still has to offer.

That’s something that everyone can get on board with, no matter the age.

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