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top down view of a white Safe Step walk-in tub filled with water.

Top 5 Walk-In Tubs

Are you looking to make your home safe for yourself, or caring for an elderly loved one? If so, walk-in tubs are a product that you should investigate, in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and in their homes for as long as possible. Walk-in tubs provide you and your loved ones with an opportunity to shower and bathe knowing they will be safe, and relaxed. Traditional bathtubs require you to take a step up over and down into the tub, making it dangerous whereas, walk-in tubs you can just walk into them – as the name suggests!

As walk-in tubs continue to gain popularity, the options are endless! Here are the top 5 options:

1) Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs is a Canadian company and manufactured within North America. The major benefit of Safe Step Walk-In Tub’s products being made within North America is the quality control and quality assurance. At any time, there could be 50 individuals working on each tub before its fully complete. Safe Step Walk-In Tubs is also an award-winning company that takes pride in providing customers with a lifetime warranty. Each tub is made with quality, comfort and safety in mind. Finally, a variety of systems that will offer relaxation, muscle relaxation, improved skin and provide hydrotherapy benefits.

2) Kohler

Kohler walk-in tubs are designed and assembled in Wisconsin and offer a variety of styles, safety features, comfort features and customization options. Kohler offers options to completely customize your walk-in tub. From the colour of your tub to the faucet finished and the LuzStone bath wall options. In terms of safety Kohler offers an ultra-low step-in feature with a multifunctional handshower, a U-shaped door entry and easy to reach controls. In addition to their safety features, Kohler also offers hydrotherapy whirlpool jets with fast drain technology.

3) American Standard

American Standard offers over 200 walk-in tubs. They offer a variety from basic tubs to premium tubs. American Standard has a patented quick drain technology that is built into every tub, along with multiple safety features such as a grab bar, and a textured bath floor which will prevent you from slipping. Similar to other brands, American Standard offers Air Spa & Whirlpool Systems. Depending on which system you have, each will range from 6 jets to 26 jets, some may offer more.

4) Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi located in California offers a number of safety features in their walk-in tubs. They offer a low step-in tub with a wide opening leak-proof door, along with a grab bar for added safety. Their tubs have heated seats to ensure you are always warm. They offer jets that will provide you with relaxation and targets different muscle groups. Another added feature is Jacuzzi created their products to let you use Epsom salt in your bath while being able to experience the jets.

5) AmeriGlide Sanctuary

AmeriGlide Sanctuary is located in North Carolina. They build all their tubs using marine grade materials, stainless steel frames, and gel coated fibreglass shells. Majority of their tubs have a whirlpool and air jets built-in. Their tubs also offer a variety of safety features such as grab bars. AmeriGlide Sanctuary offers a 1-year parts & labour warranty for their tubs, and anti-slip surfacing. You can also choose between various depth options to ensure you are comfortable with the water level.


At Canadian Safe Step Tubs, we offer well-made, high quality tubs that are safe, work great, and have a lifetime warranty. To get one for yourself or to learn more contact us today.