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Posts Tagged ‘Seniors Health Tips’

Senior-Proofing Your Home for a Long and Happy Life

Senior Proof your Home to prevent accidents

For many seniors, living independently in our homes for as long as possible remains at the top of the list of absolute must-haves in life. Studies show that aging at home keeps the elderly healthier and stronger, and that it improves cognitive awareness during the aging process. The benefits of aging at home for seniors…

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10 dating tips for Seniors

10 tips for dating for Seniors by Canadian Safe Step tubs

Dating in the prime of life can be a tricky subject for many seniors. Maybe you’re putting yourself out there for the first time after the passing of a spouse or partner. Maybe you’ve concentrated on your life and career and made little time for your personal life and now that you’re retired, you’re ready…

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Stay Stronger, Longer, With These Nutrition Tips For the Elderly

This elderly woman holding an apple demonstrates the need for proper nourishment while aging

As we get older, everything around us changes. You may downsize your home for a more convenient lifestyle. Your social circle may change as friends and family members relocate or pass on. Even your body can just feel older, too, limiting your activities and everyday mobility. But, in the midst of all these major changes…

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