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Safe Step walk-in bathtubs

Should I Purchase a Walk-In Bathtub?

There are many great reasons to make a change in life. Change brings growth and opportunity, and inspiration for tomorrow.  Making the right change can open the door to something great. A walk-in bathtub or shower can be the change that brings added safety, independence, convenience and comfort to your life. That’s a change that’s definitely worth making.

Adds Safety to Your Life

Did you know that for seniors, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home? Slips and falls are common for seniors who have compromised balance and mobility. Navigating through wet floors is often a recipe for disaster. However, a walk-in tub or shower can offer a practical and affordable solution to your bathroom safety concerns. Integrated seats offer a safe place to sit that is simple to get up and down from. Secure handrails in strategic locations offer stability when it’s needed most. A Low-clearance three-inch threshold makes getting in an out of the bath struggle-free. And the leak-proof sides help prevent water from leaking onto the floor.

Adds Independence to Your Life

Being able to remain in your home throughout the later years of your life has been shown to improve the length, quality and health of your life. Being forced to depend on other people’s assistance can be psychologically straining on many seniors. The ability to bathe oneself without the assistance of a spouse, aide or family member promotes a life of independence and self-care. Walk-in tubs and showers allow seniors to bathe whenever necessary, without waiting for a caregiver’s assistance, and without fear of injury.

Adds Convenience to Your Life

Walk-in bathtubs from Canadian Safe Step Tubs feature a convenient and easily accessible towel bar on the outside wall, eliminating the need to walk across the bathroom to reach for a towel. Walk-in tubs fill quickly, meaning you won’t have to sit freezing in the bathtub waiting for water to slowly warm you up. A handheld nozzle allows you to easily clean your body while sitting down and controlling where the water goes. A waterproof remote control allows you to easily control the settings of your bathing experience.

Adds Comfort to Your Life

Bathing can be a difficult, stressful time for many seniors who fear slips, falls, and broken bones. For many, taking a bath is not the comforting, relaxing, soothing experience we’d all like it to be. However, a Walk-In Tub can bring tremendous health benefits and comforts to bathing. Jets offer the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy to joints, muscles and soft tissue. A contoured, heated seat offers comfortable support while bathing and rest for your legs. A back rest provides added stability while you relax so you can remain in the bathtub as long as you’d like.

Choosing to install a walk-in bathtub or shower can be one of the best changes you could make in your bathroom as you age. The benefits of a walk-in tub can greatly improve your life, making the time you spend at home more relaxing and enjoyable.

The decision to install a walk-in tub or shower is easy when you consider Canadian Safe Step Tubs. Each of our tubs is American made and come with a Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind every time you sit down to bathe. Call us today to discover The Safe Step Difference and what it can do for you.