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5 Common Misconceptions about Walk-In Tubs

Overhead view of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub Being Filled

If you’re an elderly or disabled individual or are caring for a loved one who may have mobility issues, you should do all you can to prevent accidents. Common techniques include removing loose rugs, installing better stair railing, and replacing your current showers or tubs with walk-in tubs. Most people are familiar with these safe…

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Choosing the Right Bathtubs for Seniors

Perspective view of an installed Walk-In Tub for Seniors

Choosing the Right Bathtubs for Seniors The bathtub is the location for many accidents and injuries to the elderly. Unfortunately, the bathtub is also a necessary appliance. A senior can’t simply avoid the tub, so why not shop for bathtubs for the elderly and disabled? If you’re shopping for a walk-in shower tub, there are…

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