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Safe and Easy Travel Destinations for Seniors

You may have aged, but that doesn’t mean the urge to travel has disappeared. In fact, now that you’re retired it’s the perfect time to travel with your loved one or a group of friends! Your health, safety and security will always be at the top of your mind, but with our recommendations, you can travel with ease.


The United States of America
The USA is a great travel destination for seniors. States like Arizona, Florida, California, and Hawaii are safe, fun and easy to travel to. Each state offers resorts and hotels that are easily accessible for seniors and offer activities that you can take part in. Another bonus is that these states generally have warm temperatures all year long. You won’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy jacket, but we recommend packing a light raincoat just in case it rains!


Cities like Victoria, BC, Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC are great travel destinations. Victoria is easily accessible via ferries and is a great place to check out before heading out on a cruise, or for a weekend getaway. With various restaurants, parks and outdoor activities to choose from you’re sure to be entertained! Vancouver offers a number of activities that are great for seniors such as beautiful parks, walks, indoor and outdoor activities. Montreal will give you the taste of France without having to travel there. With various activities and delicious food choices, you will always have options. One thing to keep in mind with all these destinations is that they do experience cold winters, with the possibility of large snowfall. If you enjoy the sunshine, we recommend visiting these cities throughout Spring to late Fall.


Travelling through Europe is a destination everyone should experience at least once in their life! Having the opportunity to experience various cultures, cities, and historical sites will create memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s not forget about the culinary experience, you will have the opportunity to eat delicious food from various cultures and cities. Pasta in Italy? A must! Each city will have different weather conditions depending on when you go. Do your research and choose a season that works for you! If you are looking to visit historical landmarks it’s recommended that you visit London, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and Rome as they are easily accessible for seniors. 

Travelling should never stop just because of your age. Live out your travel bug and visit as many countries as possible! These experiences will always be with you and allow you to maintain your independence. At Safe Step Tubs, we value our seniors and created walk-in tubs that also allow them to be independent while being at home. To learn more visit our website