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old woman smiles at the news that her daughter bought her a safe step tubs walk in tub

Is It Time to Fall Proof Your Parent’s Home?

Avr 23, 2019

As she advanced through her 70s, Sahar Whelan’s mother became less and less mobile due to a heart condition. Eventually, her activity became so restricted she couldn’t get up to answer the front door. Bathing became a monumental challenge. “She had to sit on the edge of the bathtub with a seat propping her up…

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Senior Proof your Home to prevent accidents

5 Ways to Senior-Proofing Your Home

Avr 11, 2019

For many seniors like you, living independently in your home for as long as possible remains at the top of the list of absolute must-haves in life. Fall-proofing your home contributes greatly to it and studies show that aging at home keeps you healthier and stronger and that it improves your cognitive awareness during the…

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10 tips for dating for Seniors by Canadian Safe Step tubs

10 dating tips for Seniors

Avr 1, 2019

Dating in the prime of life can be a tricky subject for many seniors. Maybe you’re putting yourself out there for the first time after the passing of a spouse or partner. Maybe you’ve concentrated on your life and career and made little time for your personal life and now that you’re retired, you’re ready…

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elderly people glisten with joy at the computer after ordering a safe step walk in tub

Technology and Seniors: Why Computers and Social Media Are Your Friend

Mar 20, 2019

Do you shy away from computers? Are the keys on the keyboard too small; the letters on the screen impossible to see; the internet too confusing? Are you afraid that you’ll just mess everything up so you decide to stay away? Or, maybe you are okay with the computer, but the popularity of endless social…

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elderly friends smile on the beach as they remember their recent purchase of a safe step walk in tub

Conseils de voyage pour les aînés: économiser de l’argent sur les aventures de la vie

Mar 5, 2019

Voyager dans le monde fait généralement partie des priorités de la plupart des gens avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Malheureusement, les responsabilités professionnelles, les obligations familiales et le fardeau financier empêchent ou limitent souvent le nombre de voyages pouvant être effectué au cours de nos 30, 40 ou 50 ans. Mais une fois que…

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Independent elderly woman being wheelbarrowed to her new safe step walk in tub

Taking a Step Toward a Pain-Free Life With the Proper Shoes

Nov 22, 2018

Life can be rough. This doesn’t change, even as we get older. Family relationships can be complicated, financial struggles can be burdensome, and even otherwise simple choices like when and where to go to dinner can create major headaches. Any opportunity to make life a little easier and stress-free is probably a welcomed gift. The…

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Senior woman staying healthy and limber through regular yoga exercises

The Life-Changing Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

Nov 22, 2018

Every doctor you see tells you that that staying physically active is one of the most important keys to staying healthy as you age. You probably get around rather well for your age, but you may have a few limitations that keep stressful, physical activity more of an impossibility rather than a daily goal. Because…

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This elderly woman holding an apple demonstrates the need for proper nourishment while aging

Stay Stronger, Longer, With These Nutrition Tips For the Elderly

Nov 22, 2018

As we get older, everything around us changes. You may downsize your home for a more convenient lifestyle. Your social circle may change as friends and family members relocate or pass on. Even your body can just feel older, too, limiting your activities and everyday mobility. But, in the midst of all these major changes…

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Elderly couple have a great time spending their retirement years in part to walk-in tubs

5 Great Ways to Spend Your Retirement Years

Nov 22, 2018

  5 Great Ways to Spend Your Retirement Years   Your life leading up to retirement has most likely been filled with constant demands and obligations that forced you to put many forms of personal enjoyment on hold. Children’s schedules can be relentless. Work obligations can pull you in every direction sometimes, except for the…

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