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This elderly woman holding an apple demonstrates the need for proper nourishment while aging

As we get older, everything around us changes. You may downsize your home for a more convenient lifestyle. Your social circle may change as friends and family members relocate or pass on. Even your body can just feel older, too, limiting your activities and everyday mobility. But, in the midst of all these major changes…

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Water filling up a Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Healing Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs Since ancient times, warm water has been used to improve healing and treat a wide variety of diseases. Today, modern science is proving the amazing healing abilities of warm baths. And what better way to soak than in a safe secure walk-in tub in your own home? Arthritis Relief Millions…

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Cracked and dry skin on feet like this can be treated with regular baths

Better Health Through Bathing: Dry Skin One of the most common skin problems in seniors is dry, flaky skin, affecting approximately 75% of the elderly population. Although this is a normal part of aging, it’s still an area of concern. Dry skin is itchy, interferes with daily tasks, particularly in colder weather, and is prone…

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