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User’s Guide to Walk-In Tubs

A branded Safe Step Walk-in Tub Co towel hanging from a Safe Step Tub hand grip

User’s Guide to Walk-In Tubs The bathtub is the location for many accidents and injuries to the elderly. Unfortunately, the bathtub is also a necessary appliance. A senior can’t simply avoid the tub, so why not shop for bathtubs for the elderly and disabled? If you’re shopping for a walk-in shower tub, there are a…

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Why Step-In Bathtubs are Great for Elders

Full perspective of a walk-in tub with open door to see inside

As we age, our bodies change with the years. Decreases in flexibility, mobility, and balance can make bathing challenging, or even unsafe in some cases. That’s why step-in bathtubs can be a great solution to help reduce the possibility of injuries among seniors. But that’s not all. The tubs offer a number of other benefits…

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