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5 ways walk-in tubs can help improve your life

Walk-in tubs: 5 ways they can improve your life

A walk-in tub is more than just bathing; It can improve your life

We all know that bathing is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s just one part of our daily routines but plays an essential role in our physical health and social life. When it comes to choosing the right bathtub or shower is an important decision to make. The decision on whether to install a walk-in tub or shower combo is just as important as any standard tub. With so many companies, models and styles available, is a walk-in tub the way to go? Is it a better option for your bathroom update than a standard bathtub or shower upgrade?

The answer is YES, and we’ve got five reasons why to tip the scales on your decision-making process.

The many benefits of Walk-In Tubs go far beyond warm water, bubbles and body wash.

Peace of mind As we get older, bathing can bring about tremendous feelings of fear, doubt and inadequacy. For many seniors, simply getting in and out of a bathtub can not only be challenging but dangerous, too. The standard 30” threshold in many tubs can be too high to step over, especially if the floor is wet. Walk-in-tubs eliminate that problem, easing the sense of fear and making bathing a safe experience.

Peace of mind doesn’t only come from increased physical safety while bathing. Many walk-in-tub models come with jets and spa features to promote relaxation and reduce stress, which contribute to numerous health conditions. And, the ability to remain independent and capable of self-bathing promotes a sense of personal dignity and positive mental health. For many seniors, the fear of losing a sense of independence can cause depression and anxiety. Having a sense of control over a simple daily act like bathing can help to provide seniors with hope, self-worth, positivity, and a sense of personal capability.

Better Sleep Habits  Sleeping is one of the most important aspects to maintaining good health and daily productivity during the day. Studies show that a warm relaxing bath about an hour before bed can help get the body relax in preparation for bedtime. A warm bath relaxes your muscles, relieves tension and calms your mind. Please note that while a walk-in tub won’t cure sleep apnea or sleep disorders, it will help relax you body, mind and soul as you prepare to go to sleep.

Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy- There are numerous health benefits of hydrotherapy. When the body is fully immersed in water, hydrotherapy serves as a natural method for treating several conditions and detoxifying the blood. A few of the common conditions that can see improvement due to hydrotherapy include:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Blood pressure
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Diabetes
  • Varicose veins

These are just a few of the many conditions that studies have shown to benefit from hydrotherapy. For seniors using walk-in bathtubs, these common ailments and conditions can be easily treated at home for pain relief and comfort daily.

Good Hygiene and Self-Care- Creating proper hygiene habits is essential to overall physical health and quality social relationships with others. Having good personal hygiene is a skill that we carry with us from an early age, and the need doesn’t end once we enter our senior years. Our commitment to personal self-care improves our overall mental health, social interactions with others, and physical health. Seniors who can’t bathe themselves often struggle with depression, a lack of confidence, and decreased motivation throughout the day.

For those who struggle with bathing due to physical limitations, discovering a new-found independence is an important part of personal self-care. Walk-in tubs help to restore good hygiene and personal self-care as a daily reality for many seniors.

A Sense of Connection to Home- The ability to remain at home for as long as possible is an important step for many aging seniors. When marital statuses change, grown children move away, and once active lifestyles slowly transition into a different pace, being able to cling to the consistency of home is very important. Change is never easy, especially for seniors who have spent a lifetime based on structure and routine. Remaining at home helps to maintain those connections to family and our roots. Reminders of what once was can be a motivator and sustainer through the days ahead.

How can anyone put a price tag on the many advantages of aging-at-home? The feeling of warmth and security that comes from home is enough to remind us of the good things that are yet to come. We all could use a little bit more of home from time to time.

At Canadian Safe Step Tubs, we’re proud to provide our valued customers with all these benefits, and more, through our easy-to-use walk-in tubs and shower combinations. With every use, our community of clients can confidently and safely bathe and relax without fear of injury. That level of confidence is truly changing lives. Contact us today to discover how the benefits of a walk-in tub could change your life, too. Contact us today to request a free brochure or a free info kit